Vacation 365

The last year has been horrible for most of the world, but personally, it wasn’t entirely bad.  Exactly one year ago today—whoa time flies!—I visited Thailand for the first time. Nothing beats a mid-winter getaway to somewhere warm and sunny, with fun, beautiful beaches, wonderful food, and great company.  Thailand certainly checked all of the boxes.  My travel companion and I met up at the Bangkok Airport and flew to Chiang Mai for a three-day visit.  That was enough time to go zip lining and tour the city.  From Chiang Mai we flew to Aonang for six days of beaches and island hopping.  In Aonang, we stayed at the beautiful Aonang Fiore Resort & Spa.  Located well away from the hubbub of the beachfront strip, the resort is quiet, secluded, and set on a lush, green hillside. We were so excited to see a family of macaques climbing the palms right outside of our cottage door! Our final destination was Bangkok, where we spent two days exploring its action and temptations.   A well-planned vacation is a highlight of any year, and never has that been more true than in the crummy year that was 2020.    

Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

2 thoughts on “Vacation 365

    • Thanks Emma. I would absolutely visit Thailand again! In fact, if it weren’t for the current situation, I’d likely be there now! I’ve been to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia, but I think Thailand is my favorite beach destination.

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