COM0015- Blog # 3: My Parenting Strategy Now and In The Future

Let’s Get Started

First I would like to introduce myself in the process of launching my official social media services and do not have a current presence. This means my parent strategy will exist with the main goal of awareness and credibility. Unfortunately, I need to get some legal documents in order for service exchange, learn more about the social media monitoring/measuring software I am using and possibly land a paid internship to help me get more comfortable with the process of business. For my first year, I would like to get my content cycling through my networks, gain connections through online/offline interactions as well as establish my brand voice, location and audience. For my fifth year, I would like to run ad promotions, interactive campaigns and future engagement/conversion overall. It is important to me that these customers are around when I am in between the fifth to eight years of my business development. When my tenth year approaches, I would very much like to have some staff hired to take care of macro tasks that I find overwhelming so I can focus on the micro-tasks that mean so much to me. Not only staff but looking forward to opening some stable branch locations would be pretty cool too. Looking forward, I cannot tell and I am almost %100 positive that my plan will shift as the years’ progress.




From Personal Sheets, Caileigh Mudie


1) Post quality management
2) Community management
3) Gain lifelong customers
4) Maintain goal and core mission
5) Always say thank you/converse
6) Post transparent (bloopers, being the scenes, insider, etc.)/ industry-tailored content (Idols of industry, trending questions, B2B/B2C interactions, storytelling)


1) Share User-Generated Content
2) Competitor Analysis of weakness’ (CTA, full comparison)
3) Write (V/B)log content ((RSS Feed, WordPress (will pay to put money back into the business) or affiliate sales)
4) Campaign (real-life transparent miracles with relatable struggles, use youtube as a “quizzing, testing” platform)
5) Three-month promotions following big holidays (Give percent to donation, etc.)
6) Event attendance (prospects, clients, collaborators, and partner list)
7) Give-a-ways for goal sprint

Staying Inspired Can Be Tough

I wanted to end this blog off with some inspiring words that keep me going because entrepreneurship is hard and the journey can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Remember your life is broken up into four parts with 25 years each and “At the age of 74, Sanders owned a thriving company with 17 employees, an office space and a not inconsiderable profit margin.” (The tragic, real-life story of Colonel Sanders, Unfortunately, if you pretend you are trying and feel like you are not doing anything then maybe you need to take a look at what you are doing. Sometimes, individuals give themselves fake narratives and believe they are in the entrepreneurial lifestyle but do not take steps to achieve it. If you are not actively working towards your goal but saying you are, you will feel like you are failing and it will affect your interaction with others. Just do it, sit down and start what you want to do and just focus on how to execute it properly. Focus on the fact that your entrepreneurial journey is just that, an adventure to enjoy where your main goal is running and not winning. One last thing I will say, getting your business to grow is like your relationship. Sometimes you and your partner fight, some days are really hard, some days you just want to give up but you know the truth of the situation. It is just a bad day, businesses have theirs too and I will leave you with that.

Please feel free to comment below, I would like to see what you think about my post! Thanks for reading!

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