COM0014 – Blog #7: Personal Reflection

This course has taught me a lot and will help me with managing the social media account at my place of work. I have learned that interacting with customers and creating a Business to Consumer relationship online is ideal, and also maintaining a positive image of the company through social media will work in our benefit.

blackboard business chalkboard concept

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I think that storytelling is important to creating digital content because it gives people the comfort that they are not just interacting with a company or a social media account, but there are real people that care and want to help them or provide them with the best information possible. Being active online and creating an online presence is a great way to set up a strong online following of people, and therefore, a strong base of potential or current customers for a business.

I want to tell honest stories that will help people and guide them to make the right decisions, for example, to guide them to come into the dealership I work at rather than another dealership. Making content personalized and honest and true will speak wonders to people who were on the fence about purchasing a vehicle from our dealership.

This course was incredibly helpful, and I really enjoyed the discussion posts. Having discussions where there are conflicting ideas, yet all sides are heard and appreciated, is a great environment to be a part of. I have learned a lot and will carry these skills with me into the future.



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