Professional Networking

Going into the future – I will be checking out and seeing what will come up in the new year. Right now, there isn’t anything that I would attend. I am a member of the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce and I have attended a couple networking sessions they’ve held in the past. Going forward I will be checking out their offerings – they have several events a month throughout the year. As for online, I will be checking out events and maybe attending something online.

I also have a Fred Pryor/Career Track membership until September 2018 where I can attend one seminar – also a great place to network with people of like mind from very diverse businesses. These seminars a very specific to certain topics. They are Professional Development seminars that help people with the jobs that they do.

Online will take a little bit more investigation – I have never networked online so it will be a time-consuming exercise in trying to find out where they are and how to go about networking online. I’m not sure that I would get the same benefits from online as I would in person. It’s always worth a try to see how it works out.

I believe that you need to have outside influences in your business that can help you see things from a different perspective – especially if you need a new point of view. It’s all about people helping people. To learn from someone is always enlightening and helping to teach someone something they didn’t know before is always rewarding.

I’m looking forward to networking, are you?

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