Let Them Live Longer

What does one say about one’s self? How does one talk about themselves without sounding like a narcissist? Everyone knows in their heart what they’re good at or better yet – what they’re not so good at. So, just to break the ice I think that some of my personal qualities that would set me apart are the fact that I am extremely organized, a person who thrives on details and depending on what we’re talking about I can be quite knowledgeable. Now, you’re saying everyone could also have all of these characteristics. I think though, that I can say that I am just a little bit better.

I have had a couple of personal standouts over the last few months. I took on the position of Editor of the newsletter for the Canadian Bernese Mountain Dog Club. I have been doing this for almost a year now and I am constantly getting compliments that I am doing a great job. This helps with the confidence levels when people are encouraging from behind the scenes. The last issue that was sent out including a collection of photos I had taken at the recent National Club Show in Quebec.  The previous Editor had never used any of her photos. I think these photos allowed the newsletter to be reviewed a little differently. The compliments just flew around for days. This is an ego booster, for sure.  Having my photos used – let me and the newsletter stand out just a little!

Whether I’m working with colleagues in my workplace or with the Bernese Mountain Dog Club and the Blood Collection Project (which I talked about in previous assignments), they would all truly describe me as dedicated. This is one of the best attributes I have. This is something that I have worked a very long time to recognized for – being reviewed as someone who is worthy of working there and to know that they have a person who can be counted on.

My constant drive is to complete every task with enthusiasm and be distinguished from the rest because I know that to do something – is to do it right and complete. This would be a remarkable and measurable trait.  Bragging rights have to go to my involvement in starting the Blood Collection Project – my heart project is to see our Berners living without these horrible diseases that keep taking them way too soon. When we finally get this project off the ground (in the next couple months) we’re all hoping that people will participate and maybe – just maybe this could be the life-changing breakthrough that the researchers need to help our Berners live longer!

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