Phoenix Olivier blog #2 Communication Styles

  1. Describe two types of audiences. These can be existing audiences you find through online research, or audiences you define out of personal interest or related to your existing


The two types of audiences I have chosen are people in my program who twenty years old and Community Donation Centre Ambassadors (CDC members). I have chosen my peers because I am they should be similar to me land I have chosen CDC members because that is where I work.

  1. Describe the unique characteristics of these audiences. What are some of the things that must be considered when communicating with these audiences?


People who are in my program and are twenty years old will most likely be still unsure of what they want to do with their life but have figured they would take a business course just in case it strikes their fancy or they heard it would be a useful thing to learn about. People who are twenty years old and in this program might different from myself so I shouldn’t assume this is their first business coarse but instead I should go with the idea that they have some experience with business courses meaning I shouldn’t write to them like they don’t know anything about what we are talking about. As for CDC members I should write to them in a somewhat relaxed matter since CDC members tend to be close group of individuals, CDC members also most likely feel like their supervisors don’t quite understand how difficult being CDC member can be. Something I should consider about CDC members is I shouldn’t assume there are only male CDC members and that it is possible that our supervisors or upper management may see how I am writing with my co-workers so I should consider keeping it professional.


  1. Find and list other examples of similar

Similar audiences to people who are new to college, near graduating high school students, and people who are new to universities. As for what audiences that are similar to CDC members is anyone in customer service such as youth in retail, youth in the fast food industry.


  1. Describe the specific communications styles that would be appropriate to each audience and why.

When talking to people who are fresh out of high school it would be important to talk use a communication style that doesn’t make them feel like they need to decide what they are going to do for the rest of their lives right away because they don’t and they probably already get a lot of pressure about that. As for when writing to the audience of youth working retail I should write to them as though some people may not treat them the best but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important in fact they are extremely important in this day and age.


  1. Compose a sample paragraph in the style and tone that would be appropriate to the audiences you’ve

Greetings my fellow peers I am writing to you all to remind you that this program is an important step in all our lives because business affects all of us regardless of where we end up. For we live in a society where the need for money is a fact of life and business classes help teach up how to better manage money in order to achieve what we want out of life. Although it may not seem like it now since often we may not have spendable income always we should still strive to learn what we can from this program because you never know when this information might be useful in the future. So hang in there my peers for this program is not for nothing.

Everyone starts somewhere and this is where we all often start at the bottom of the job latter as a position in retail but hey you made it. Although sometimes working in retail doesn’t feel worth it. Trust me it is because it’s better to make minimum wage rather than to get payed nothing at all but most importantly it is important to get experience for future work. In this current job market one of the most key things you can get is experience because having a degree in something is meaning less and less since everyone is getting degrees. Part of the reason is that degrees only really show you have the knowledge on how to do something but they don’t show that you actually can do it so hang in there even when it feels like people don’t appreciate you or understand what you’re going through and one day you will finally be where you want to be in life. Thanks to those retail jobs you had when you were younger so in a way I am saying you should be a little thankful because it will be worth it.





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