COM0014-PMu Assignment #1 Blog Post 7 – Personal Reflection

Q1. Why is storytelling important to creating great digital content?

A1. Essentially all content is a form of storytelling, and for social media or digital content this is the modern equivalent of telling a story – and in today’s case, that story is you – your hobbies, family, friends, business and professional interests. Source

Storytelling has been around since people have been around – from cave paintings and verbal histories handed down through generations, the invention of the printing  press and volumes of literature and novels produced, to today’s digital age which completely bypasses the publishing (including the so called ‘vanity press’ for self-publishing), newspaper and magazine editorial boards to the ultimate vanity outlet – social media, which has you as the editorial board for the story content being published!

Q2. How will your content be guided by story?

A2. The quicker you realize that you are the story and the editor and understand the ramifications of this the better – so it can be utilized for social media or digital content writing, creating and uploading video and photo postings to improve the story you are telling, and in doing so, define your audience segments (e.g. personal-such as family and friends, interests-such as hobbies or causes, and professional-such as products, services and informed opinion).

By considering how  I want the story to engage with audience at these appropriate levels – personal level, interest level and professional level – and not mix them up or get them out of context will provide the appropriate story line guidance required.

This will provide clear lines of communication for the story and the target audience.

Maintaining this ‘line of sight’ between me and the audience (and having listened to their conversations and building trust in order to participate and provide my input) the digital content and intended story will provide the guidance needed to engage in the intended way.

Q3. What kind of stories do you want to tell?

A3. Since I intend to provide methodology and framework as a guide to implementing social media for clients I want to tell instructional and informative stories. I refer to this as instructional communication.

I would like to develop stories that communicate information and instruction to clients by providing templates and white papers, tools and techniques as a process, and by doing so, generate opportunities to offer training and consulting services to clients.

I am mindful of not wanting the story line to be perceived as preachy, moralising or condescending to the audience I actually want to inform and instruct, and provide a service offering that is seen as providing – and adding – value.

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