COM0014 – Blog #4 – Perth Brewing Co.

Micro brewing is becoming more and more popular by the day. The growth in this industry is astounding and these businesses create delicious, artisanal beers and are becoming “destinations” that draw people in who want to sample their wares, learn how beer is made and what kind of local ingredients are being used in their products.

IMG_6831My husband and I recently visited the Perth Brewing Company in Perth, Ontario. We first heard of this company through a beer subscription we had through Savvy Hip Hops (side note: this is a GREAT gift idea). Perth Brewery made a smart play teaming up with Savvy in order to get their name out there.

Being such a young microbrewery, in an increasingly competitive industry, it certainly worked in sparking our interest when they were featured in our monthly beer subscription. As a result, we set off to check out this business for ourselves. When we arrived on-site, an enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff member, Megan, greeted us. Her energy was contagious and it was clear she enjoyed her job. She offered samples of their in-house brews and some background around the company. They only use local hops and, proudly noted what set them apart from the rest; their products have always been gluten-free.

The Perth Brewing website was my first stop to find out more about this family-run business and the pictures speak to what their culture is – the pride in everyone’s smiling faces is evident! They offer a great variety of beers for any palate and also offer a “package your own” product for a budget friendly alternative to buying beer from the traditional mega-brewery operated businesses.

IMG_6833Their Facebook page clearly shows this young company is growing and, because Perth is a small community, many of their posts include local events and new products they are offering to their customers, such as their seasonal beer Cascade Invader, as shown in my picture. The tone of these Facebook conversations makes be believe that these people are their neighbors and friends – their feed full of positive feedback and mentions of how they are happily spreading the word on what they believe to be an outstanding product from a local gem of a business.

Perth Brewery’s Twitter feed is filled with customers posting their recent in-store purchases which allows the company the ability to engage directly by thanking and re-tweeting their loyal customers posts. Giveaways were also displayed on their twitter feed linking back to their Facebook page prompting likes and sharing of information. This is an effective approach to using Social and garnering more followers.

Perth Brewing turned us from shoppers into buyers, and ultimately, this is the most important achievement for Perth Brewing or any B2C for that matter.

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