COM0014 – Blog 1 – What I Did on My Vacation – Visiting an Heirloom of an Island – Beautiful Barbados

You often see advertisements for trips to the sunny Caribbean parts of the world. In my case Barbados hit home for me as the number one choice of destination. My Dad’s family is from there. Born and raised in Barbados he immigrated to Canada at age 18 and thus naturally when the opportunity to travel there came to being – I took it!

When I was young I went there with my parents and at 5 years old had many memories but at 26 years I decided to visit family alone and it was one of many good decisions in my life. Just the act of booking a trip just for me felt great and the act of seeing family, priceless.

what i did on my vacation 1

I stayed in Christchurch which is the southern part of Barbados at my Aunt’s house and the beauty of being able to wake up and go into the ocean 15 minutes after waking up was a luxury I will never forget.

The air smells beautiful there, a mixture of sea salt, hibiscus and sugar cane. The sweet smell greeted me when I made my way out of the plane. The walk was also serenaded with a steel drum band welcoming people to the island. It was a picture right out of the movies.

During my stay I enjoyed Barbados flying fish, crab cakes and roti. Along with that of course enjoyed Rum Punch. There is a rhyme to making rum punch. It’s a recipe put to a rhyme. It goes as follows.

what i did on my vacation 2

Now to understand the ingredients I will explain. The classic ingredients are Lime, Sugar, Rum and Water. The recipe then is one part lime, two parts sugar, three parts rum and four parts water. It also is a great addition to add freshly grated nutmeg and serve over ice. With a recipe like that how can one go wrong?

Some places I went to while there were the Atlantis Submarines Barbados, Harrison’s Cave, and a tour of the island with my cousin who brought me to the inside of the Island and a visit to the Atlantic ocean side as well as a visit to where some island pottery is made.

You know what the best part of the trip was? The fact that I spent Valentine’s Day there treating myself to the tastes, sites,  sounds and family of Barbados. The heart of Barbados for me is love.

Have you been on a trip by yourself? Have you enjoyed family in a far-away place? Do you remember the scent of the place you went? It has been many years since being there but will always remember the scent of the sweet hibiscus air.


COM0014: Blog#1 – Barbados: 167 square miles of beauty

The travel bug first bit me during my high school graduation trip to Edmonton with a few friends. Since then I’ve visited a bunch of different cities around the world. But it wasn’t until I travelled to Barbados on New Year’s Eve 2013 (or Old Year’s Night as the Bajans call it) that I found a place I could easily call home one day.

Barbados may be a small island, but it has more to offer than you might think. From the calm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea to the rugged and rough Atlantic coast, there’s a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation.

It was in Barbados that I crossed off three of my top bucket list items. I went horseback riding on the beach, snorkeled with sea turtles and tried my hand at surfing. And despite the gallons of water I swallowed during the last two activities, each of those memories will last a lifetime.

But the most unforgettable day for me didn’t involve anything on my bucket list. It was spontaneous and I couldn’t have planned it any better.

Bottom Bay, Barbados

Bottom Bay, Barbados

Midway through our trip, my aunt and I visited Bottom Bay – a secluded beach, far from the tourists and what I consider the definition of paradise. The water was too rough to swim, but the scenery was stunning. A small grove of palm trees stood tall at the back of a white sandy beach and big rolling waves crashed into the coral cliffs that framed the bay. It really was picture perfect.

While there, we unexpectedly met a local cricket player, Kayode, who ended up taking us on a three-hour personal walking tour down the coast. We strolled along the edge of the cliffs as he told us about life in Barbados. We saw the ruins of Sam Lord’s Castle  – a former pirate’s mansion that was turned into a hotel before burning down in 2010. We met more locals who offered us water for our long walk and others who showed us their catch of the day as they fished off the edge of the cliff. We explored different bays, each with their own unique characteristics but just as gorgeous as the next.

Sam Lord's Castle

Sam Lord’s Castle

When we reached the end of our journey, we had a much better understanding of the island and a new friend. I’m sure we couldn’t have paid for a better tour than the one he offered us.

From the friendly people we met to the food we ate (can’t beat macaroni pie and flying fish!) to the unbelievable beauty at each and every turn, Barbados truly is paradise and I recommend it to anyone, whether you’re an adventure seeker or just looking to relax.

What type of vacation do you prefer? Vegging out on the beach at an all-inclusive resort, a sightseeing adventure or something completely different? Do you like to plan your vacations or are you more spontaneous? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.