Social Media A Helping-hand With Event Planning. (COM0011)

Emily Clarke

September 19, 2022

Event Planning has become a big work industry that has developed over the years, combine it with all the amazing different Social Medias that can increase many companies with more business and people noticing them as much more than just a company in the world can create tons of amazing benefits.

There is many alike things that are beneficial such as making memoirs, bringing people together, gain new knowledge, build the right client base and much more. When being an Event Planner you need to use plenty of Social Media based stuff to help get you started as a helpful stepping stone. One of the main tools to help guide anyone when starting at the beginning is building a website to create a place for all business information, pictures, guidance and so much more that an Event Planners need to build up a client base with a place that feels safe to them. The top two main Social Media platforms for helping promote an overall business is Facebook and Instagram. Both of these help a business to really allow the chance to build an audience by advertising to try and pull in the right clients for the company. When opening a business you do not just have one platform, right? Yes at the start of opening a business having just one can be okay depending on the business itself, just over time as things develop and grow having more than one platform is gonna be necessary for building a good client base.

Keran Smith – Blog – The Importance Of Social Media In Business: June 13, 2022.

Social Media is at the top of the chain when wanting to be able to maintain as a business threw out the workforce of creation that has developed since the day of being created to much more. The image above is amongst many other pictures and information that contains a form of power that Social Media holds in our world. The Internet has controlled many things throughout our world that it is truly crazy and scary for an example how fast anyone’s life can change with one bad review, comment, rumor, etcetera sadly can break a career that was simply once making money to now trying to make a way to get back in the industry game with sometimes needing a way to back themselves up from mistakes or boost back up the chain.

Overall to conclude about the importance of Social Media by itself as well with event planning being a big business in the world that is commonly known for the usage of the source we all love and call the internet.

Social Media Posts

Platform – Snapchat. Made By: Emily Clarke
Platform – Facebook. Post Made By: Emily Clarke


Keran Smith. ( June 13, 2022). The Importance of Social Media in Business.

One thought on “Social Media A Helping-hand With Event Planning. (COM0011)

  1. Social media has most definitely changed the rules and made event planning more creative and competitive. When you post all of the various ideas you have come up with for that special day no matter what the event, it definitely makes other planners have to up their game to remain competitive. Great blog!!!

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