Blog post #2- Storytelling and Communication Styles

Story-telling is not as easy as we would think it is. One of my favourite stories to tell is how I started my business. This activity forced me to think of the main points of my business when I am telling that story. What are the most important pieces of information someone needs to know about my business right away? From there, it was trying to be creative in how the story was told. I do not have a boring personality or business, so my story cannot be boring.

Encouraging interaction is always on my mind. I post a lot on my business Instagram and Facebook, however I tend to forget to ask a question, or create a caption that would encourage more interaction. This week allowed me to start creating a better approach to posting on my socials, such as planning out posts for the week. There will always be times, something random comes up that needs to be posted about right away, but if I know I want to make 3 posts a week for example, I can plan them out and come up with questions etc. beforehand instead of trying to on a whim.

When someone new come across my pages, and “about me” I want them to feel the passion I have towards my business within my words and pictures. 

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