What Makes a Breakout App?

“TikTok” by Solen Feyissa is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

There’s a lot of tools that weren’t, or still aren’t used to their fullest potential. Whether it’s something not popular yet, or something that can be used for a different, or more expanded purpose to what it is currently used for.

I suppose then TikTok kind of came out of nowhere. A lot of apps were headed towards incorporating “Stories”, TikTok is basically only that. But that format on a level like that can be used for marketing by companies or individuals. With how many users are now on it, and the ease of just swiping to see these several second long videos related to anything you may like, the potential for growing a business on it has almost been fully realized, and could be the future.

“discord” by laboratoriolinux is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Always looking for the best trends, but on a personal level, one that I didn’t think I would use in a certain way for a kind social media would be Discord. Created to be used more for video games, my brother and I got a lot of family members to sign up for it, and now we have a server where everyone can talk, send pictures, and make video calls whenever, and it is being used every day by them I think it’s a much simpler version of something like Zoom or Skype for more casual usage now, but it’s not being marketed as such. 

In these trying times, the most important thing all people were able to do was to create a larger online community and presence that has made the gap between real life and online even smaller than it once was. The world is now smaller than ever, and the application of these tools to grow the sense of togetherness was the best thing to come out of that, and these are the tools we should be looking for.

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