TikTok for Business (Content Ideas!)

Introducing TikTok For Business | TikTok For Business Blog
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The quickly growing video app that drew in crowds of dancing and lip-syncing teens is much more than a dancing app. In fact, if your business isn’t on it yet, I would highly encourage you to get started for these 7 reasons.

TikTok’s user base is growing daily and will continue to, that means the opportunity for your business to be seen is growing too. It isn’t uncommon for companies (big and small) to show up and blow up for their videos.

Are you struggling to come up with ideas for your business’ TikTok? Here are the two best video types and how you can apply them to your business.


These types of videos can be trends, a funny story, reaction videos, pranks etc. These can be done by anyone! Here’s a great example of an Atlantic lawyer engaging in a recent dancing trend. By making this they have gotten over 3.3 Million views and over 9000 followers. There is opportunity for any business to add their own flare. Dentists, managers, hospitality, realtors, and more are showing up in these fun ways and gaining traction for their business. Another example is this clip of a realtor following a recent “you too” trend that got over 10.7 Million views. Almost any trend can be adapted to fit into business.

Some easy to use ideas for your business:

  • Staff Dance Off
  • Ask members of your team to try and answer a riddle (or mad gab, Rebus picture etc) and record them trying to figure it out
  • Lip sync battle
  • Share a funny industry story
  • Impersonations (have your staff act like you or vice versa)
  • Finish the lyrics (sing the beginning of a song and get your staff to finish it)


Another way to engage on TikTok as a business is through educational videos. Sharing information that helps people is a great way to gain credibility and help potential customers/clients. I’ve seen a lot of success specifically with therapists, doctors, and construction companies in regards to this as these seem to be hot topics right now. That being said, every business specializes in something and has advice and tips to share! Product videos are also a great way to educate people if you provide merchandise or services.

These ideas are great to get you brainstorming on what to share:

  • What are you most asked about? Share about that.
  • What product/service do you sell the most of? Showcase that for your customers.
  • What product/service do you want more people to buy? Share that to bring awareness.
  • Shoot a behind the scenes look at what you do.

There are a ton of different options for you to experiment with. The biggest part is to just do it!

Want more personalized ideas? Comment what area of business you are in or share your content ideas and we can brain storm!

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11 thoughts on “TikTok for Business (Content Ideas!)

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Great ideas in your blog as to how to use TikTok for businesses.

    I want to start a travel blog and actually think my most successful medium online could be videos. Your points about why businesses should consider using TikTok really have me thinking.


  2. Great post. It is amazing how quickly TikTok came to be what it is today. Some peoples lives can change completely (good or bad) after posting a video that goes viral. It will be cool to see what TikTok turns into in the future.

  3. Lots of great ideas here Rachel! I work in the food industry and there are a lot of restaurants that have jumped at the TikTok opportunity. Like all social media platforms, used in the right way it can support significant growth!

  4. Hi Rachel, this is such a great post! There are so many active users on TikTok at any given time, so it’s a great platform for people to advertise their business. Especially when they use popular hashtags or sound clips, it can reach so many potential customers. There are so many small businesses that have seen a significant jump in interactions and sales from making TikTok videos. Some videos as simple as packaging an online order have gone viral for so many small business owners, it’s fantastic!

  5. Hello Rachel, What a amazing blog you have posted. I believe you have mentioned amazing tips that we all can learn from.
    Best of luck,

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