COM0015-Professional Networking Now and in The Future

Since the start of the Pandemic, transitioning to online working has increased the need for tools and systems to allow more efficient communication and ways to network internally and externally. Speaking from my organization, quick transitions were required. Our IT team had been working with programs like Microsoft teams that have effective chat and sharing channels. Rolling the program out across the country provided some hiccups but eventually everyone was on board. Using tools like teams has actually increased the ability to communicate with teams across Canada. This in turn has increased the ability to network internally with employees we may not have had the chance to collaborate with before.

Tools like zoom have allowed the opportunity to network with groups and organizations that once only functioned in person. Now you can attend any networking event or online certification without having to leave home. Over the past year and a bit I have had the opportunity to join masterminds, online communities and groups that wouldn’t have previously been available to me before everyone went online. The movement to online and virtual has actually increased the worlds ability to attend and offer services and programs.

I would love to see in the future a move towards providing hybrid options that allow local participants to participate in person while distance participants can still participate virtually. Opportunities are virtually limitless!

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