Click here to Save Whales

The environment is a global issue that raises much debate and activism.  Whether we are talking about climate change, plastic pollution, or endangered species we all have a role to play and there are many champions seeking our support.

Photo: Pexels

Social media provides a platform to raise our awareness of environmental issues, as well as to engage directly in the causes that speak to us.  By design, social media itself nudges us in the direction of using less paper by getting our news via Twitter, Facebook and other sources. 

With information on environmental causes being so readily available, and photos showing us the shocking realities of everything from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to emaciated polar bears, issues are hard to ignore. 

Social media continues to shape my own experience of developing better habits and making better choices in support of our Earth in the following ways:

Access to organizations that educate me
It only took following a couple of organizations that I trusted on Facebook (namely National Geographic and Oceana) for tips and information to flow in on a daily basis.  I have gained so much with minimal effort involved.  While passively sitting on my 30 minute commute by bus I can be actively engaged in learning about microplastics, waste reduction and more. 

What I like is that social media has allowed groups that may not be in our backyard to share and promote common ideas and values across the globe. 1 Million Women is a movement started by one women, Natalie Isaacs, in Australia to empower women and girls everywhere to act on climate change through the way they live.

Introduction to products that are more sustainable choices
Yes, social media has enabled some of my retail therapy habits – but in positive ways!  Once I started following various environmental groups, I was receiving ads on Facebook for various sustainable products.  My reusable straws, bamboo cutlery set for my purse, and compostable smart phone case are serving me well. 

Photo: Pexels

Ability to share my enthusiasm
To me, one of the best features of social media is the ability to share interesting and important information.  I personally have learned a lot from the interests I have followed on Facebook and Twitter.  I have since created my own page, Be the Change, to share with friends. Here I share articles, pictures and products that support the environment and a philosophy of buying less and buying stuff that makes sense. 

And along with this information and product placement, yes, you can actually help save whales.

Photo: Pexels

Can social media change your lifestyle and help the environment? Surf here and save whales

Can social media change your environmental habits? Find out! #Savewhales

6 thoughts on “Click here to Save Whales

  1. Great blog. I agree that social media has allowed us to follow and be apart of organizations and movements that have been harder to join in your own if you had to look in your community only. It helps us to have larger members and feel like we are all apart of this global change. I would really like to see your page that you share about articles, products and other information. Thanks

  2. I find it so cool that you’ve joined in on the movement to help by having your own website! Have you ever been to the Vancouver Aquarium? It helped me understand the impact all of our pollution is really having. It’s too bad we are less aware of these things here is Ottawa. Your site is step towards people that don’t live near the ocean helping have an impact as well and that’s pretty awesome.

    • Thanks so much Laura, I appreciate your support. I went to the Aquarium in Vancouver many years ago and loved it! I would do anything to help those sea otters:)

  3. Great article and I loved your use of headings to make the reading more manageable. It’s so great that you are taking an active role in these environmental issues. And Kudos for creating your own page. I’m now following! Keep up the great content!

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