COM0014 – Blog #5: Personal Brand

As you may have already deducted by reading my previous posts, you would have noticed a few characteristics that highlight my personal brand. You may note that I am a communications advisor for the federal government and that I really enjoy travelling. On top of these I will add several qualities that set me apart from my competitors.

First, I have a broad educational background. I studied a range of topics from international law to economics. I have always been very good and passionate about history but decided to focus my studies in foreign relations and diplomacy. My social science degree allowed me to learn about the world on different levels (political, economic, social, psychological, etc.). Following my studies, I had the opportunity to travel to over thirty countries and meet so many people. I got to practice several languages and discover cultures and traditions from many different societies. The combination of my studies and travel experiences give me an advantage in getting into working for my department.

What sets me apart from other communicators is my range of experience in my six years at this government department. I have done media analysis, social media and management. I was a supervisor for a team of 22 media monitors. My colleagues have told me that I am a great team player and have a great sense of humour. I realize now that my old team which I supervised for about a year still seek my guidance. In fact a received a call from an old colleague while typing this very post. I truly take pride in my work and the relationships I build along the way.

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