COM0014 – Blog #4: B2C Case Study

I am a big traveler and the the way I discovered travel was through big organized tours. The competition is fierce to attract business to their companies because there are so many options for the average travelers. Some companies focus on younger people and others have a range of age groups and travel types. G Adventures was one of many companies I followed on social media.

I would like to say that G Adventures succeeded in their approach to using social media. First, they do not restrict all their tours to specific ages. They offer a range of different options. This is important because their online presence can reach a much broader audience. The can target backpackers, campers, young professionals, even families.

The company relies on nearly all forms of popular social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+). They regularly create new content on all networks – whether it is stories, top lists, discussion on certain experiences or foods, unique videos or simply posting awe-inspiring photos. I believe they understand how to correctly use platforms so that they do not inundated potential consumers with information.

They understand their clients because they understand that it’s almost impossible to travel all the time. This is why they try to build a relationship with their clients especially on the long term. Travel-based businesses need to have longer relationships with clients because a trip is rarely something the average person does on a whim.

Their email marketing strategy is also an excellent way they keep their clients hooked. They offer great deals and sales on occasion and also have giveaways.

Having both original content and occasional deals do hook long term consumers and even new consumers to their company. I believe they not only understand the competition in this field, but they also know their audience and the platforms to keep the audience hooked.

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