Detox: Is Social Media Toxic?

Merriam-Webster defines Detox: a regimen or treatment intended to remove toxins and impurities from the body.

Every year in January I do a detox to rid my body of all the toxins from the food and alcohol I enjoyed over the holidays. The detox resets my body and gets me back to clean eating. I am also currently reading  “Judgement Detox: Release the Beliefs that Hold you Back from Life” by Gabrielle Bernstein, this book is a good reminder that not everyone is the same and everyone has their own story. Judging people can be incredibly hard to stop, I am learning from this book to maybe be a little less judgmental overall. Let’s get into this, do detoxes work or is it just a new buzz word?

Often I see online that people are announcing that they are taking a break from social media and electronics…seriously do people really shut down social media for an extended period of time?



My guess is if they have to announce to their followers that they need a break then is it pretty clear a break is needed. I did some googling on Social Media Detox and I was surprised to find that there are many websites, apps, videos and books on how to actually do a Social media detox. You can even book an online session to get your detox. Book an online social media detox

And funny enough there is Facebook page The Social Media Detox.

One of the many things I have learned in the required readings in the last couple of weeks is that moderation one of the best rules for social media. A social media marketer can teach the importance of this rule to customers, friends and family. Like any other detox that you do in your life, moderation and balance are key. We all have overindulged in one thing or another and in doing so it has opened our eyes to the fact that we are overusing things like food, alcohol, social media or whatever your vice is and it is time to take a break or maybe cut back. Personally, I am not sure I will ever be able to give up red wine, chocolate or social media for an extended period of time, but I do know when to stop.

What do you detox from, have you ever shut down social media for a long period of time, if yes did you go back to old habits or did you slow down?


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4 thoughts on “Detox: Is Social Media Toxic?

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  2. I have attempted a social media detox but it never lasts long. It is just to easily accessible for me.
    I have done body detoxes though like you have to rid myself of toxins which I really enjoy doing at the start of every year to start the year off right.

  3. Balance is key because I have gone down a Facebook rabbit hole and next thing I know 2 hours have passed. I highly suggest for everyone to schedule your next day the night before and practice completing that schedule. And in that schedule have rest time which may include reading, watching movies, or spending time on social media.

  4. I too think balance is key. Just like binge-watching 14 hours of a Netflix show is not healthy for you (but so tempting sometimes), neither is spending hours upon hours refreshing your Twitter or Facebook feeds. You have to be able to differentiate what is useful time spent on social media versus wasteful time.

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