COM0014 – Personal Reflection

Of all the courses I have taken in this Certificate program – I feel that this course was the one that I felt was possibly the most difficult. For those of us who are not writers, it was sometimes a nightmare to try and write a blog post.

I am a business person and I write business letters, thanks for your business, please send your payment and a referral would be beneficial for both of us. This is the writing I have done for many, many years. To try and write something that is unfamiliar was often times difficult.

I tried to be funny, I tried to be serious and I tried to be the kind of writer I thought everyone would want to read – but reflecting back now on those times I struggled with writing the “right” words or saying something witty was somewhat uncomfortable.  Now,  I can honestly say that the times when writing felt the best was when I was writing like ME! I don’t want to be someone else and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to be me. This course has opened my eyes that maybe being a “perfect” writer might not always be what’s required.

The diversity in our audiences can help make this storytelling as diverse as them. What I will take away from this course is that I can write (somewhat) and that I just need to have our audience tell us what they want through connecting with them in an effective way. You will know when it’s not right – they just leave and not come back. So it’s OK to experiment with how you approach and educate your audience.  We will tell a story to them through our actions, sharing and communicating with the right communications tools. However, it may be by trial and error but through compelling storytelling we want our audience to feel emotion when they see our “brand” and hopefully, our stories will motivate them, evoke some emotion and possibly they will take some sort of action – we will know when our audience approves.

My last blog !!!!

(in this course . . . )


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