COM0014 – Blog No. 6 – Too Much Has Changed!

Ten years ago, who would have thought we’d be here today? Only. Ten. Years. Ago! Wow, there has been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears over the last ten years. There has been so much happen here especially with the people who have come and gone. Stories told and re-told, losing some of the panache along the way.  Where will we be in the next ten years?

Too much has changed; the people, the technology, and the way that people consume our product. We used to be the only source where people could get our product. With the years that have past, so many changes – the biggest change – Social Media. My heart aches for the people who come after us. So much has changed.

How do you get your news? We had our popular day in the sun when dinosaurs roamed the earth or so it seems. It’s hard to believe that within the last ten years the student newspaper here at Brock University has almost become extinct.  I fear that within the next few years it will go by the way of the dinosaur – extinct – never to be revived.

With the introduction of social media and the way that people consume it every day; is it any wonder that people have opted for a faster, easier, up to the minute way of getting their news. Students, faculty, staff and just everyday consumers of news will turn to their smartphones, iPads or computers to get it. We are in a transition period – how do keep up with our social media neighbours?  Not an easy task these days. We are trying to re-invent who we are! We want to have people be excited about getting their news from us again.

Students don’t seem to have any time for anything other than a headline, although that doesn’t always tell the story. We want people to slow down, pick up a paper and read about what’s happening here – right where you are!  Students are hungry for knowledge and have a thirst for up to date information and yet the student newspaper sits on the racks untouched.  It’s not too hard to handle, it’s not too big to hold and it’s not too complicated to read but no one wants it.

The fear is what happens next! Where do we go from here? How do we let people know that we don’t want to become extinct – we want to live!. We want to be the first choice in news on campus once again!

Would you drop by and read a paper with us?


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