COM0014 – Blog No.2 – The Importance of Getting It Right

A ton of reading and digesting information has led to a more confusing mind then when I first opened this lesson on Digital Storytelling. Through all of it though there is the importance of getting it right. There are several ways to do the same thing and it has led me to believe that you can tell a story in a thousand different ways. One way has stood out for me. Through further reading and in an article on “11 Storytelling Formulas to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing” by Alfred Lua – he quoted from J.D. Schramm via Harvard Business Review:

Parachute in, don’t preamble. The best storytellers draw us immediately into the action. They capture our attention and set the tone for a unique audience experience. Avoid opening with “I’d like to tell you a story about a time when I learned . . .” Instead, drop us into the action and draw the lesson out later.1

This communication style can be used to grab your audience’s attention so that you don’t lose them or have them just skip on by your story altogether. Once you’ve determined your style and you begin to tell your story – tell it in an active voice. This style is normally more clear and inviting to your readers. Once you start to write always remember to be your own copy-editor. Diligently look for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar all the while staying within your style. Remember practice, practice, practice . . . will make you a better writer.

Always be aware of what you are hoping your audience gets out of your story and as you go through future story ideas you should always keep your audience in mind. Writing a great article doesn’t always mean that it will be read – be mindful of how you can encourage people to read, absorb and interact with your content. You should also be considerate of the experience you want your audience to have. Social media should be a two-way conversation and if so, you will need to coax your audience to take some sort of action. Before you start to post your content know what action you want it to be. Some actions you could have your audience do is share a message, leave a comment or ask a question. Some successful content writers will end their story by asking a question.

And finally, give your audience easy ways to share your content. Persuade your audience through great content to want to share your stuff.


  1. SCHRAMM, J.D., October 8, 2014. “A Refresher On Storytelling 101” Harvard Business Review

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