Personal Brand

I have often been described as a lovable jerk, and really, I do not disagree. I have a tendency to find humor in stressful situations or to “razz” those that I am close too. This quality while entertaining to my friends, was actually quite helpful in my career as a chef. While working in a kitchen you are quite often swamped with responsibilities and stress, my light hearted yet critical attitude generally boosted morale and motivated those around me to work as hard as they could to impress me or prove me wrong.

I do not like to box myself in as just a cook/chef since I have many passions, but I also recognize that cooking is something I am quite skilled in, especially under pressure. Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines are my specialty and without bragging, I know that I can compete with some very talented Chefs in the areas of food quality and presentation.

I think my knowledge, sense of humor and critical thinking set me apart from others in this area. While I have many passions in life, I am quite alright with being known as a sarcastic, fun loving Chef and believe that I could transfer those qualities over to writing about not only my experiences in the culinary world, but also to analyzing and critiquing other restaurants/chefs in an informative yet humorous way.

Lovable Jerk Chef? Yeah that sounds like me.


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