Blog post # 7 What have I learned

This semester I learned the importance of social media as a form of digital communication in this modern age. I learned it is important to try to be someone if you want to be successful in social media because if you just copy what everyone else is doing then why should someone be interested in what you have to say in a sea of thousands all trying to say the same thing. The someone could be you if you stick to what makes you interesting as long as you are sticking to your strength or the someone could be a character you made up, which is often called a persona. Although if you are trying to get a certain audience then you should try to tailor your content or at least your writing style to their tastes that way your social media content will be easier for them to consume in this age. Your content should be driven by a story you create because it is easiest to write about something you know and not something you know nothing about. The kind of stories I want to tell are they type of stories that entertain people in this modern age but also teach people important lessons which should be reasonable for me because I often end up doing silly things to see if I can get people to smile and enjoy themselves.

One thought on “Blog post # 7 What have I learned

  1. In today’s social media digital world that we live in, there are so many ways to get the word out. The challenge is what format do readers and consumers look at more to find out what is out there for them? Everyone has their own likes and dislikes so differentiating yourself among everyone else is important to get an upper advantage on competitors, etc. Ideally marketing your brand to a niche group with products or services will keep them coming back and see what you can offer them in the future. It is about selling oneself in the truest most positive way to achieve an effective outcome.

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