B2C Case Study

This week I researched a business who interacted with their consumers online. John Warden Septic is a local septic tank and portable toilet business in my area. They interact with their consumers online through social media. They are using Facebook in order to reach out to their customers. They use the features on Facebook to push out ads of their business to attract new customers.The quality of their interaction with customers is good. They listen to the consumers wants and needs and then do their best to accommodate. You can see that they empathize with consumers and really take action when it comes to solving problems and accommodating their clients needs. Obviously with this product it can be a necessity for many people. This company seems to understand the importance of their service and product. It seems they’re building relationships with their consumers. Their approach seems to be working and The response of the public is positive. I think that listening to the wants and needs of consumers in a B2C business is vital, especially when you are relying on returning consumers to keep your business rolling. This business’s approach is working. they are using their online interaction with consumers to assure their  happiness with the service and product. They are also looking for feedback in order to know how they can improve their company.


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