Target Audiences

This week I researched the target audience for one of my hobbies. I am interested and participate in online hockey pools. I have always wanted to start my own pool. After looking through my Facebook groups, I realized that my audience would mostly be men. The best way to reach out for this hockey pool would be through social media because it is the easiest way to gather a large group of people together. I can also find out before asking someone to join my group, if they have an interest in hockey and in hockey pools. After finding out my audiences demographics and psychographics I realized they aren’t so important being that Facebook is free and I am already aware of their interest in hockey. I will be dealing with a diverse group of people and anyone will be able to join anywhere in the world. I will have to involve content that is culturally relevant and current in order for everyone to feel comfortable and want to be involved in this activity. Targeting your audience is very useful especially when communicating online since it eliminates barriers and enhances communication.

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