Communication Styles

This week after reading the lesson I found out that all content is a form of story telling. It seems pretty obvious but I guess I have never thought about it until now. Story telling has been used for many years in ways such as entertainment, education and culture preservation. In order to achieve success in these areas it is important to have effective communication. It is important to be clear and to the point in order for the audience to clearly understand the message. In a written message its important to read over and avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. It is important to create your own writing style and that you sound like yourself. This is more entertaining for the reader and helps the writer stay consistent. It is important that when you are communicating with an audience that you direct the message towards them. This is where persuasive writing comes in. It is important to know the audience you are communicating to. It is important that you get your audience to react to what you’re saying. I like to think about it as don’t think so much about what you want to say but what your audience wants to hear or is interested in. What it is they need from me. You want to give them the necessary information at the beginning incase they stop reading.


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