COM0015 – PMu Assignment #1 Blog Post #4 – Out of the Box

Q1. We have focused primarily on best practices in a very new and evolving field, what unexpected applications have you found in the field of online marketing and social media?

A1. The Social Media field is indeed evolving as witnessed by the number of tools emerging for web analytics and web hosting blogs, photos and video.

An unexpected application I came across while researching new tools for conducting on line surveys called Dotmocracy (read about it here , here, and the blogs about the introduction of Idea Ratings Sheets here and here ).

Having performed numerous work group sessions to identify problems and opportunities for improvement and selecting optimum solutions using multi-voting techniques, Dotmocracy was an interesting new approach to the methodology.

And Dotmocracy fits perfectly into social media with various tools and techniques available to assist with the process and involve participants and allow the dialogue to continue after the in-person session on-line.

Survey Monkey ( is another interesting application where an online survey can be designed and analysed with straightforward ease. The survey is taken online and the results can be shared online.

Check out these online tools for yourself and leave a comment about how you could use these applications.

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