COM0015-Pmu Assignment #1 Graded Discussion #1 – Highlights of Trend Reports

I believe the most relevant trend that I have discovered is the never ending and growing list of trend categories and topics that are available: celebrity, sport, economic, travel, industry, health, exercise, fashion, literary, professional… and the number of commentators and pundits for each trend category and topic.

As the trend categories and topics grow, new tools and techniques such as bookmarking, readers, dashboards and search engines become available to navigate through the subjects and the information, opinions and data.

A useful approach is to use the tracking spreadsheet mentioned in COM0013 for taking notes and listing sources and trends.

Trends in the IT outsourced and managed services are reported by the likes of Gartner (see their Magic Quadrant report for ITSM at and Forrester Research ( ) and are seen as leaders in the industry.

My commentary on an interesting aspect of trend reports is the fleeting nature of these trends… In days gone by when email was the prominent communication medium and a heated debate got going it was called a flame war… Fast forward to today where email is seen as outdated and social media is now ‘in’ you get viral moments… Video, Photo or Twitter statements. But they too seem to have a short life… Until the next one!

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