COM0011: Three’s Company Moment

I had a Three’s Company moment recently. It got me to thinking.

A friend jumped to one conclusion, I assumed another, soon after we unravelled a comedy of misinformation, information taken out of context, shared a laugh and got back to level.

The conversation was quick. The situation spiralled. The topic got muddied. Misunderstandings flowed like a river. Norman Lear or even Jack Tripper would have loved it.

Like accidents, Three’s Company moments happen. Unlike the popular/unpopular madcap situation comedy of the late 1970s and early 80s, the key to avoiding being the joke, being perceived as a joker, or being the laughing stock who crashed off the pavement banana peel, is to pay attention, communicate clearly, and check perceptions.

If not things can go funny fast. This may not always be a laughing matter. Words can be misinterpreted and sentiments can get lost. You never think these things could happen until they do.

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