COM0015 – Blog #1: Tools & Sources

My two favorite social media tools are Facebook and YouTube. In the realm of Facebook, you are able to access compatible individuals and groups with a goal of information sharing. Through the use of Groups and Pages, organizations can update and reach their consumers with news, events, interest pieces and more. As well, group members are able to interact with one another to enhance the objective of the organization. The online forum of Facebook also allows people from all areas of the world to connect based on interests; often instantly with the advent of smart phones. Through the use of the news feed, up-to-date information can be shared. By liking and re-sharing posts from others, users are able to transmit and disseminate information. Organizations also have the ability to share information from other social media and online sources, such as; websites, twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

YouTube is an excellent source for organizations to connect through the use of video. This communication tool allows viewers to experience and be part of the organization or group. Through the use of videos, people are able to quickly see and hear what is going on within an organization. In so much, viewers feel as though they are a part of the organization’s activities. The ability to imbed YouTube videos to be played through other sources, such as Facebook and company websites, expands the use of YouTube for companies.

In terms of news monitoring and updates of interest to me, two of the platforms I use are and ToneItUp. In terms of being aware of news and current events, is an excellent source. The online “paper” is geared to me based on my areas of interest and pulls news stories from different sources, all to one online source. Users of are able to share their personalized “paper” with others through Facebook and Twitter.

The second platform which provides updates of personal interest to me is ToneItUp. The creators of this blog and online community use many social media tools to promote their message of health and personal wellness; providing workout plans, nutrition plans, personal interest stories and an online community of support. The multi-platform approach enables followers to be involved in the community and correspond with one another and its creators.

Hope Caldwell

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