Post 1- Tools & Sources

Social media has taken the world by storm, but so far I have not been taken under its wing. I rarely use any social media programs in my personal life, but I find Facebook and Twitter to be the most intriguing by far. Twitter is unlike any other as all you need to do is login and see what’s trending, its right there in front of you! Twitter will teach you all you need to know about up and coming products, websites, or anything else you need to know about, including news and weather. Every bit of information you could possibly need is bunched together on one easy to use site, which is perfect for businesses as they can see what competitors are up to, as well as their target customers. Twitter leaves nothing to the imagination as all the answers are a simple click away…no more guessing!

Facebook is a close second in social media as many facebook status updates are similar to tweets. All you have to do is type in a business or product and there you will see all the latest information on that company or product. Something that is very handy to businesses would be the feedback from customers that is viewable to anyone accessing that page. If there is a new product out that has some sort of defect, someone will catch it and comment about it. A competitor can simply monitor what people are saying about the product and easily improve on it thanks to social media! Social media is extremely dynamic in the average persons personal life, and even more so in the ultra competitive business world.

Andrew Berube

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