COM0011 – Post #6 – A Wedding for All to See

I got married in 2007, in a time where social media was relevant, but not quite as booming as it is today.

My sister got married this past weekend. She is a successful event decorator in Ottawa, so needless to Picture During Weddingsay, many people were interested in her wedding. Even if you were not invited, you probably could find enough photos online to feel like you were there…from engagement to wedded bliss.

I always find it fascinating how connected everyone is. With a guest list of over 450 people, the first thing I did after her wedding was go onto Facebook. I had a feeling that guests would have been “live-feeding” photos from the wedding onto their social media accounts. Sure enough, I was right. My news feed was filled with photos from the big day.

You can imagine how stressful I find this, as a person who usually limits the number of photos of my family online. At the same time, I cannot blame the guests for their lack of consideration for privacy. After all, my sister, a connected business woman, was posting photos herself – and commenting on photos taken by others.

Status Update

Let’s start at the beginning. My sister updated her personal status from “single” to “engaged” on Facebook, and shared some of her favourite engagement photos. Then, prior to her wedding ceremony, she posted her invitation online for anyone interested to attend. This tactfully included a picture of her and her husband-to-be holding up a sign with the date, time and place.  After her wedding, she went onto social media to thank all those who helped make her day magical. Some would say that this is a fine example of using the internet to save you on wedding invitations and thank you cards.

Picture from Cake Decorator

Social media and my sister’s big day worked magically together to promote businesses, from hers, to the photographer’s, to the wedding hall and even to the cake decorator. Within 24 hours of the big day, I had never been so in awe of how different our weddings were – from privacy to commercialism.

I congratulate the happy couple, and wonder: Do you appreciate seeing photos of people’s weddings online, or do you feel they should be more private?