COM0014 – Blog #2 Tell me a story

Everyone is a storyteller; I bet you told at least one today already. Some of us tell our stories face to face, while others put them in print and still others share them digitally.

A good storyteller gets the same reaction from their audience no matter the medium. But sometimes a story benefits from gestures and actions to enhance the narrative. These people also eliminate distractions created by going off on tangents, using improper grammar and making incorrect references.

My favourite storytellers chose their words in such a way that help me to form pictures in my mind. I really enjoyed reading Kathryn Stockett’s book The Help and was anxious to see the movie adaptation. What I imagined through her written words was surprisingly similar to what was depicted on the screen.

In my recent blog post What I did on my summer staycationI mentioned seeing a performance of The Four Tellers, where storytelling takes center stage. This popular form of entertainment recounts generally humorous stories of locals and events. In order to preserve the integrity of the stories, the ‘tellers’ use raw details which typically flies in the face of proper grammar and references, and which only adds to the humor.

Do you have a favorite storyteller or do you tell stories yourself? In this short YouTube video, one of my favorite storytellers (and lawyer by day) Gary Evans recounts a story of some well known Prince Edward Island locals. Please take a watch, I hope you enjoy.