Give me “The Dirty”

the-dirty-2015-logo-ios.pngHas anyone else heard about the website “The Dirty” or have I been the only one living under a rock the last few years? This website came to my attention the other day when I was casually talking to my co-workers about relationships, and they mentioned the website, out of pure curiosity I checked it out. And all I can say is WOW!

For those of you who were living under a rock like me, “The Dirty” is a website for people to go and post things about other people in Ottawa, or lots of other cities, but I focused on the Ottawa website. It could be an ex-girlfriend posting about her ex-boyfriend cheating on her and how he is an awful human being, or it could be a friend of someone who has gotten screwed over one too many times. Either way this website is pretty interesting to me. How can this website stay running, when everything is libel. You can see some of the interesting news articles on the site, all over the web.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 11.33.58 PMI can see both sides of “The Dirty” so here is my Pro and Con list of the website:

  • Pro List
    • Dating a new person, check to see what their last relationship had to say about them, maybe a little research before you jump in.
    • It’s super hilarious! Just to read the reviews and comments it’s purely entertaining. This website may be my new favourite guilty pleasure
    • Check out to see if something is a scam, one of the posts I read was about a guy who claims to rescue dogs, but actually turns around and sells them for drug money (again this is what one of the posts said, I have done no fact checking on this)
  • Con List
    • Everyone out there has a negative opinion about someone else. I am sure I could go on a huge rant about my ex, and I am sure he could go on a rant about me, hence why we are no longer together. So how do you take the word from a disgruntled ex?
    • There is no fact checking, yes I suppose other people can comment on the post, and put their two cents in, but there is never any actual facts about any of the post. I could go on and comment on every post if I wanted to agreeing to everything they were saying, and no one could stop me.
    • Has the potential to seriously impact someone’s reputation. What if somehow your boss was going through it (remember above I said my new guilty pleasure, once you start you just can’t stop) and sees something about you that goes against what they know of you. Will your employer now see you in a different light and start questioning your character at work.
    • You only know one side of the story!

Overall, I think this website is hilarious, if not lowbrow and a bit beneath me, still an enjoyable light read. When I look at the people that are being posted about, I have to stop and think, am I judging a book by the cover here, because if I met this person on the street, I would certainly believe everything they are saying!

Check out The Dirty and let me know your thoughts in the comments, happy creeping!