3 Ways to Zero In on Your Tribe

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In last week’s post, we talked about the steps to take for planning and promoting your blog’s content.  We discussed how you can use your goals that pull you toward their achievement to inspire you to create strong content consistently.  Then, we touched on how to schedule your publications and how you could leverage social media platforms to promote them.  These are some of the foundational notions of successful blogging.

This week, I would like to add another dimension to our blogging success strategy:  finding and engaging with your audience.  It’s all very well to write mindblowing content, but if you have no one to socialize it with or to appreciate it, chances are you might lose motivation to keep your effort alive.  So — let’s nip that problem in the bud, shall we?  In the following, I will show you 3 ways to find and engage with your tribe to keep your blog relevant to their needs and successful.


Number 1:  find your tribe’s watering holes

The usual suspects are always a good starting point to finding your ideal audience. Through Facebook’s groups, Twitter and Instagram’s hashtags and geolocation tags, and Pinterest’s handy-dandy search function, you can easily track down your peeps and their online hangout spots.  But do you know about Bloglovin.com?

Bloglovin is a space where blog enthusiasts can compile and organize all of their favourite blog haunts in one feed.  Here, you can discover sources servicing your niche topic and engage with writers and their followers.

Pro tip:  knowing the times of the day when your target audience is active on different networks can help you customize your outreach strategy for maximum impact.


Number 2:  use your tribe’s issues to shape your content

While engaging with other writers and their readers on social media platforms, you can easily find out existing and emerging issues impacting them.  You can also frequent crowdsourcing spaces like GoodReads or the reviews section of Amazon, where folks offer their reviews of books or products they have read or used.

Find publications or products pertaining to your field and read the feedback on them.  Natalie Taylor, a copy writer, content strategist, and founder of The Missing Ink suggests – in her blog post on how to find your ideal clients – researching how people talk about the products they are using or the books they have read – what they like about them, what features they wished they offered, and what they hate about them.

Then, armed with the knowledge of your potential readers’ challenges, likes, dislikes, goals, values, etc., you can create content specifically geared toward them.


Number 3:  engage with your stakeholders

As a project manager, I can tell you with absolute certainty that creating a stakeholder engagement strategy is paramount.

Engaging with fellow bloggers in your domain carries the potential benefit of sparking collaborative efforts that may nudge their followers to gyrate toward your blog.  You never know what can happen. As Catherine Oneissy explains in this blog post, she was offered an opportunity to act as a copy editor for one of her blog-mates simply because one of her comments had sparked a dialogue between them.  Likewise, engaging with readers can help you fine-tune your outreach style to suit their needs.  So don’t be shy.  Go out there and make friends.


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Those are my words of wisdom for the week.  I’d be interested in getting to know your engagement strategies.  How do you keep on top of your followers’ needs?  In what capacity do you typically reach out to them?  Drop me a line here to let me know.  And as always, I love hearing your feedback on my own content so don’t be shy to let me know what you think.



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New to the blogosphere and not quite sure how to reach out to your peeps?  Follow the link below for three ways to take the guessing out of the equation.


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3 ways to find your blogging tribe, this way –>  https://bit.ly/2QbpY6F