Com0015 – Post 1 – Tools & Sources

news buttonI am a Communications Specialist who regularly deals with a variety of clients. So I need to be kept abreast of what is going on in Canada and the rest of the world.

My daily source of news is Google News. It offers comprehensive, up-to-date news from worldwide sources. I also like the way it groups similar stories and displays them according to the user preferences.

For a good read and more in-depth information, I go through The Economist magazine. It covers a breadth of international issues not necessarily picked up in daily news reports, including topics relating to science and technology. I am always intrigued by the tweets I get from them and find myself reading a lot of their articles online. I like to be well-informed and current and that magazine helps me with that.

For industry news, trends, resource, and professional development opportunities, I rely on LinkedIn. Although I have been a member for years, I only recently became active in a number of industry and sector groups and found these to be worthwhile. I receive daily emails highlighting job listings, news items, trending discussions which I find extremely useful. It also gives me a pretty good idea of trends and what’s hot out there.

LinkedIn Groups are easy to use, convenient, interactive, informative and a great networking tool.

social media monitoring tools

In my business, I also need to monitor, analyze and take the pulse of social media trends on a regular basis. I opt for tools that are free and offer what I want for my clients.

I have found that Google Analytics is very useful as it tracks traffic and referral data and helps me understand blog’s audiences as well as monitor traffic to my websites from all social media channels.

Another simple but effective tool is Google Alerts which emails me important information based on my choice of keywords. It collects mentions on blogs, websites, other people or organizations Facebook pages or Twitter accounts or information published in the media. It is an effective real-time personal assistant.

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