COM0015 – Blog #4: Out of the Box

This is actually my last assignment over a 12 month period for this certificate program and I must admit that a lot of what was covered was new to me and might not have been considered SM in my eyes. Now I look at many different methods of communication and different platforms as SM and what I really see as trending or unexpected would be live streaming tools, webinars & employee collaboration online – See more at: .

I actually participated on webinars, Social Media Today, gained plenty of insight and realized that in the future this type of service could serve me well as golf instructor. If you are really going to make full use of SM as a tool for business you need to be a member here and just spend ten minutes a day (bet you can’t stop at ten) just reading one new article or finding an archive webinar of interest, beware those take an hour to watch and can be addictive.

It may not be out of the box thinking anymore but many of the SM focus is moving to the mobile platform and this also interest me for my future golf instructor business; I can imagine the day where a client sends me a video from the practice area or range directly to my mobile device, I analyze and send back tips and notes for the client to use during the same practice session. The possibilities, while not endless, are many; downloadable video lessons to your touch pad, possible interactive with two way live conversation.

Now is the the next trend can include the lowering of costs for all the data transfer on mobile devices it would me and many of you much happier…