Fundraising Made Easy with the Click of a Mouse

I am an event manager for a local cancer foundation, and like many other non-profit organizations during the covid-19 pandemic, we had to cancel signature fundraising events for the remainder of the year.  The situation forced us to find new ways to raise money in order to fund local cancer care, research and clinical trials – unfortunately cancer does not wait during a pandemic.

Peer-to-peer (i.e. TeamRaiser), crowdfunding (i.e. GoFundMe) and online auctions (i.e. 32auctions) are a few of the digital platforms that fundraisers have been using for some time often in conjunction with live events. These mediums are still important during these unprecedented times, however, now more than ever non-profits are turning to social media to fundraise to replace their cancelled walks, galas and golf tournaments.

For example, the emergence of Facebook fundraisers over the last year or so is a new revenue stream that charitable organizations can now rely on, and at no expense to their bottom line.  These fundraisers have made it easy for people to get started, share and raise money for the causes that mean the most to them (with no fees to do so). Whether you are celebrating a birthday, honouring a loved one, or graduating high school, Facebook has turned life’s special moments into a fundraiser.

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With only a few clicks of the mouse, you can create a Facebook fundraiser in minutes:

  1. Click “Fundraisers” in the left menu of your News Feed
  2. Click on “Select non-profit”
  3. Search for the charitable organization you wish to support
  4. Set your fundraising goal and the date your fundraiser will run until
  5. Create a name for your fundraiser and a post telling people why you are raising money
  6. Upload a cover photo or select one of the ones created by Facebook
  7. Click “Create”
    (Facebook, 2020)

Voilà! You are now a fundraiser!  A donate button is added to your post and your Facebook community can now support your worthy efforts. Just as easy as it is to create a fundraiser, it is just as easy for non-profits to receive the funds through a monthly e-transfer from the PayPal Giving Fund

Now that you know how easy it how easy it is to raise money for a cause near and dear to your heart, how likely are you to host a Facebook fundraiser?

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The search for the ideal client

I never thought that I was good at writing blogs or content. So, when I found out that we had to write blogs for this course I was frightened and excited at the same time.
I plan to open my own Virtual Assistant business and of course, I will have to market myself and the business.
Even before I started this course, I was thinking about how I can find the right social media platform to market my business and the ideal client. It is just natural for me that this will be my first blog post. I did some research on this topic.
Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Starting the search for the ideal client

One of the first things you will read is that you will have to find your “ideal” client to find the right platform to market on. Since I’m still in the beginning stages of developing my business and right now I just know that I will offer social media managing, travel planning and probably project management. I kept my ideal client vague for now.

I found a great blog that helped me get started on my search for an ideal client and the platforms to market on, even though I have not a clear picture of my business yet.

Photo by: XPD –

If you look at the info graphic that I found on the blog, you can see, that if your audience is over 30 and if they operate business to business, which mine will probably be. Then it is probably best to market on LinkedIn and Facebook.
If your audience is under 30 then probably Twitter and Facebook are the right platforms for you, depending on what kind of engagement you want from your users.
If you target all ages, then it depends if it is image-focused. If the answer is yes, you will have to publish your content on Instagram, unless you focus only on females. Then it is best to publish your content on Pinterest.
If your business isn’t image-focused however, then LinkedIn and Facebook are the right choices here.

Getting Focused

Of course, this is all very generalized and too broad. Perfect for me right now because I’m in the very early stages of my business. This is just a starting point.
The following short You Tube video explains more in-depth how you market to your ideal client and how you get there.

At some point, I will have to focus my look at the ideal client. Because what was mentioned above is just too broad. I will have to get inside the (buyers) mind of my client.  I must find out who will need my services, I will have to take a close look at my competitors, do my research and of course network, network and network and I will have to decide where my passion is. Who I WANT to work for.
That is all part of finding the ideal client and with it the right social media platform to market on.

But the info graphic I posted above helped me a great deal. I now know I must start to market on LinkedIn and Facebook since I will have a target audience that is 25 years and older. I will keep that in mind for now until I am in the final stages with my business and then take another look at who my ideal client is. Who knows maybe we will explore this even in another blog post, but no promises.

Do you know on which social media platforms your clients are on or have you done some research yet? And do you know who your ideal client is if you have a business and how did you get to that conclusion? Was it like it is mentioned in the articles I posted?

I would love to know. Please write to me in the comment section.

Do you know your ideal client and on which platforms you have to market on? Check out my blog where I give some tips and pointers.

Do you know your ideal client and on which platforms to market on? #marketing #idealclient #smallbusiness

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