Choose The Right Influencer To Promote Your Products In 5 Steps

As we all know, traditional marketing doesn’t work as good as it used to in the past. The world we live in is constantly changing and so is marketing. It all began with Tv, radio, newspapers, Billboard adds… and now, Social Media adds. Not only does Social Media marketing cost mostly less than traditional marketing but it is also accessible to everyone. One of the biggest marketing trend right now and in the past few years has been Influencers. They are people that have a large number of followers on any social media platform and can promote your products to their audience. It is not free, of course, but it’s a great way to get your business known all over the world. In this blog, I will give you 5 tips to help you choose the right Influencer to promote your brand.

Step 1, Know your target audience

First of all, you need to know in depth who is your target audience. You need to vizualise in your head your customer being in front of you. Who is he? What does he look like? What does he like?…

I did an exercise 2 years ago in one of my business classes. We had to draw on a piece of paper our customer. We also had to write his job, his personality, what he did in his free time and we even had to give him a name. That is exactly what you need to do. Make him alive. I know that at the end, your customer might not even be what you have visualized. The thing is, it’s way easier after to target the kind of person that would buy your products.

Silhouette of man illustration photo by Ben Sweet

It is important to not skip this step because if you don’t fully know who is your target audience, you might choose the wrong Influencer. If their followers isn’t interested in the product they see, they won’t go any further and all your work, time and money will be gone in a second.

Step 2, Do your research based on your target audience

Before making any research online you need to choose the right Social Media platform based on your target audience. Are they more present on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok or any other platform? To be able to get their attention, you need to make sure that they use the platform you will be using to promote your brand.

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After finding the right Social platform, it’s time to do your research. The hardest thing for sure is to find Influencers that have the same universe as your brand. Since those platforms are full of completely different Influencers, it’s easy to get lost. Are they making fitness videos? Taking fashion pictures? Making funny content? It’s very important to take a look at their content because you don’t want to promote your dog products if the Influencers make fitness videos in example. At the end of the day, his audience follow this account to get fitness content and not dog content. 

That is also why you need to use hashtags while doing your research. If your brands sell trendy clothes in example, you can search up #TrendyOutfits or #Fashion. After that, you can look at the Instagram accounts with a lot of followers that are using that hashtag. To increase the numbers of profiles that has the same universe as you, you can also take a look at the recommended accounts. It can be useful since it recommends the same kind of profiles as the ones you’re currently looking at. 

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When you finally found some Influencers that would be a great match, you need to make sure that their followers are your target audience. Are their followers mostly women or men? What are their age range? You don’t want to promote your mini-skirts business to 40 years old men in example. This would be completely useless. You also need to verify them with the exercise in Step 1. Are they like what you have visualized? Do they like what you thought they would like? Simple questions like that can help you to make sure they would be interested in knowing more about your business and maybe even buy your products.

Step 3, Take a look at their other brand’s promotions

When you finally chose a few Influencers that would probably be a good match with your brand, you need to know how they promote. That’s why you need to take a look at the promotions they did with other brands. If it is a video, does it sounds pretty natural or does it sounds totally staged. Do they look like they are repeating a text? These little details are important because if it looks too much staged, their followers might not trust them. If they don’t trust the product, they won’t buy the product. There is a lot of Influencers that promote a product but didn’t even try it in the first place. So, for myself, if I see one that promotes a product but it looks too staged, I won’t even look any further. The reason for that is because I don’t trust this will either work or because it is not worth my money.

If you are not sure about the way they promote other brand’s products, you can always look at their follower’s response. Do they comment “Is it fake?” or do they comment “I will try it for sure”? This could be a great way to know what their followers will respond when they will be promoting your brand as well.

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If the Influencers already made promotions with your competitors it’s even better. In that case you already know that their audience would probably be interested. On the other hand, you still need to make sure their follower’s respond to it is positive. It’s also a great opportunity to show them that your products are even better than your competitors.

Step 4, Make sure the Influencer has the same values as your brand

The next step is to make sure that their values are the same or at least similar to your business values. In other words, you need to have matching values. If you have an eco-friendly business, in example, you can’t choose an Influencer that will post about how fast fashion is good because it is cheap.

You also need to know if they support causes, if so, what are they? You don’t want them to promote your real fur coats business if they support animal causes publicly. The chances are, their audience will probably support the same causes as them.

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Are they respectful to everyone or do they make fun of people on their Twitter account? They are all small details that you need to know before working with an Influencer. The reason is because you don’t want your brand to be associated with someone that will give you a bad reputation at the end of the day. 

Step 5, Reach out to them

The last step to do is reach out to them. Don’t forget that at this point, it is important to have a few Influencers in mind in case your first-choice charge too high for your marketing budget. 

Before closing the deal, you need to ask them a few questions:

  1. “How much do you charge to promote a brand?”
  2. “What would the content be for this price?”
  3. “How many views your post, videos or stories gets?”

If you’re confident enough, you can already come up with a deal including the price and what content you would expect from them. 

You also need to tell them what’s in the deal for them as well. At the end of the day, it’s an exchange of services. How many free products will you send them with the deal? Will you give them an extra gift card? Will you give them a promo code for their followers to use?

The deal also needs to look good for them to accept it. Some Influencers have a lot of brands that wants to work with them so you need to make sure that you’re different from the others. They need to know that they should work with you and not with any other brand. You need to show them that this deal will be better than any other ones they will get. The thing to remember is that at this point, it’s important to build trust with them from the beginning. You might even be lucky and get the chance to work with the same Influencer again.

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The Influencer’s world might be scary or confusing at first but when you find the right one for your brand, it brings you a lot of positive opportunities. It also helps you to get your brand known internationally in the comfort of your house or at your office. 

Would have you considered working with an Influencer before?


Don’t know how to choose the right Influencer to promote your brand? Don’t worry this blog will help you.


Having difficulties to find the right Influencer to promote your brand? We all know it can be long and difficult to find the right one since there is thousands of profiles with a large number of followers. This blog will help you find the right Influencer for your brand and connect the right way with him.


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The Influencer: A Whole New Ball Game

Content is fire, social media is gasoline

Okay, so you’ve wound up on this article because of an intriguing title, that to be honest, much of current generation have yet to fully grasp and understand how crucial it is to build an online platform for yourself, or especially your business. We’ve all been there; I have friends running and managing their own media pages on Instagram and Facebook, as well as running and managing client’s social media pages getting paid a solid amount. Even more so, I’m currently doing the same with my photography account and my personal account, taking advantage of a network-driven platform and leveraging it to my advantage.

So the question must be asked: What exactly is an “influencer”?

An influencer is essentially someone who is able to influence consumer purchase decisions by promoting x-product(s) through their considerably large social media platform.

Now, why on earth is being an influencer a game-changing lifestyle? In the business world, being an influencer has redesigned the marketing industry as more people and companies become heavily immersed into social media, all with the goal to reach more people around the world. Not only do you get products either free or largely discounted by these brands, but it increases your network and also increases your online net value, making you a very competitive individual to partner up with. Becoming an influencer has changed the entire marketing industry, as it became the most prominent form of digital marketing in all of 2018. According to Forbes, the infamous platform, Instagram, made up for 93% of all influencer campaigns in 2018 alone, above its parent company Facebook. In addition, Instagram alone beat YouTube as one of the top platforms for many popular online celebrities, such as KingBach, or Amanda Cerny. Isn’t it cool to work directly from your phone?

Who is an influencer?

I know for many that aren’t very involved with the new wave of social media platforms and the understanding of how to capitalize on the powerful tools platforms such as Instagram and Facebook offer, the idea of scaling one’s profile might sound very intimidating. However, the rise of micro influencing simply redefined how someone with even a few hundred to a few thousand followers can become an effective representative for any brand. I, myself, am currently representing a few of my own partnered brands (@aboveandbelowofficial, @serengetee, @halifornia.apparel, @livingstonebrand), and I have learned to effectively scale and grow my account, along with making amazing new connections from around the world. Not only do I get products both free and largely discounted in bundles, I’m able to get products before they’re even released to the public.

Aside from my own experience, influencers in general are huge assets for brands to collaborate with because they are able to boost conversion rates and increase sales. The most important factor in all of this lies upon selecting the proper talent to create a relationship with, since influencers allow brands to engage and interact with millions of niches and audiences at large scales. This is entirely different from previous methods of marketing, where companies used to pay online platforms to place an ad for their brand; whereas now, it is all about creating partnerships and infusing a brand image with an individual in a more natural way. According to Adweek, “brands don’t need to worry about ‘banner blindness’ or viewability because they are literally appending themselves to content from the creators themselves.”

The reason influencers generate sales effectively is that they are social celebrities with high engagement rates. Their photos and videos reach hundreds and thousands, or even millions of people. And even a small percentage increase in conversions can generate a large increase of sales

Shane Barker, Digital Marketing Consultant –

Is There Any Longevity to Being an Influencer?

Here’s the thing; building a brand for yourself is definitely not the easiest thing to do, and it definitely doesn’t happen over night. The toughest part for anyone in this new age of social media marketing is scaling and maintaining your following, and finding new ways to consistently increase your audience engagement. Not to make this whole new endeavour intimidating, but it is just the harsh reality of it, just like any piece of artwork; you have to be consistent and pick a niche. One thing that makes an individual a great influencer is their ability to create good content that is focused on a specific niche or target audience. What about the longevity of all this? Is there any future to this whole “influencer” thing? Actually, yes there is. In a world of business and a heavily intuitive social media platform with millions of people at your fingertips, millions of opportunities for you to grasp, it ultimately lies on your creativity with how you want to present your content.

“You’ve marketed yourself, and therefore your brand, to thousands of people already. And they like it.”

Brenna Spalding from Influencer News –

Every post you share and upload to your profile, every story and update you send out online, ultimately shapes your personal brand image. Depending on how you structure and design your profile to look like, that now becomes an aspect of who you are as a person. This becomes your personal brand image. It doesn’t necessarily mean it has to stay that way forever, but as the great Marshall McLuhan says, “we become what we behold… we shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us”.

A New Direction

As more and more companies immerse and expand their services onto these social media platforms, the idea of door-to-door marketing and news flyers slowly ceases to exist. Instead, networking on social media platform occurs through the DMs (direct messages). Just like anything in life, there will always be more than one side to the story. In this case, yes, there are an abundance of opportunities at your disposal, but the only thing you are limited to is how creative you can be with your content. The idea of a greater connected interpersonal lifestyle is what the future could be for the entire business and marketing industry. If this is the future of social media, could it possible affect our personal lives, possibly through audience exploitation? Would our lives be ran by statistics and numbers? If the influencer game becomes over saturated, would there be any sense of uniqueness or trust between brands and people, if they are all doing the exact same thing? What could the marketing industry look like for 2019, and beyond?