COM0015 – Blog Post #4 Out of the Box


Maybe it has been me just coming out of the box…it wasn’t that long ago that I thought how could certain types of businesses or organizations use social media or at least effectively. This was all based on my personal perspective of social media and how I was using it personal, not professionally as a business tool. By changing my perspective, I am now seeing more businesses using social media effectively and successfully. It is more than just a tool to stay in touch with people, it is a tool to communicate with people and to provoke conversation.

Organizations are using social media in a way that I never took the time to think about. Cities and towns are using Twitter to communicate with their citizens sometime more quickly than the radio or television. Insurance organizations are using Facebook to provide regular installments of tips and case studies on how to avoid risk. And so many organizations are using LinkedIn to share industry expert information and connect with other industry professionals.

Blogs are another platform that I am discovering are used for more than for personal thoughts. I am discovering more businesses across all types of industries telling their story, their views and sharing industry expert information to their follows.

I’ve learned that I don’t think that anything should be unexpected in social media, it is continually morphing what may be unexpected today will be the norm tomorrow.

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