COM0011 Blog #5 – What’s in a #hashtag?

Hashtags have now become synonomos with social media, but how were they created, what were there purpose? That question is becoming more and more difficult to answer and understand as people use 6, 7 + hashtags on their social media posts. There is a lot of conversation around hashtags and their use in the mainstream media, as their use becomes more and more popular. 

Twitter suggests users use hashtags in their tweets to categorize keywords or conversations. There is also information and help centres for hashtags and their use on Instagram and Facebook. Hashtags help people to follow a certain topic or a conversation on a topic, and certainly help people and businesses monitor a conversation. When you hashtag a post, anyone can click on the link and see who else, and what else is being said about the topic.

Businesses (or individuals) can also sponsor a hashtag and pay money to promote it so that way the most amount of people can see the hashtag. Hashtags can really help a business promote a campaign or allow people to discuss a product or service that the company can easily monitor.

Hashtags are a very important tool on social media, but if they are not used correctly then they no longer become valuable. While I think it is obvious to most people the value of hashtags in social media, just how valuable can a post be if it has a bunch of hashtags? What conversation or topic is even being followed? Is the problem that people are not classifying their posts correctly?

Should there be a limit to the amount of hashtags being used? What are your thoughts on #socialmediaetiquette?