Are Paid Social Media Ads Really Worth It?

Marketing has evolved a lot in the last few decades. TV and radio ads aren’t the first marketing choice for many businesses anymore. Social Media marketing has now taken all of the traditional marketing’s power. More and more people spend now hours every day on Facebook, Instagram or any other platforms more than ever. It’s normal for businesses to want to promote their products on this “not so new anymore” platform for marketing. The real question is, are paid social media ads really worth it?

In facts, paid social medias ads are worth it. According to Statista, Social media ad impressions are up to almost 20% year over year. The reason for that statistic is that people are most likely to believe in this kind of ads than radio or TV publicities. People are most likely to click on the businesses’ accounts and get more information about the brand because social media ads can target people that would be interested in them. It’s also easy to get access to the company’s account or website since every ad bring you back to one of these options. Something that traditional marketing can’t do. 

Yes, Social Media ads can be beneficial for your brand but, it can also make you lose money if you don’t do it the right way. Here’s what you need to do for it to be worth it.

Target The Right Audience

As I said in my previous blog Choose The Right Influencer To Promote Your Products In 5 Steps, it’s important to know your target audience. In other words, you need to create a persona. If this is easier for you, you can also draw your persona. Is it a male or a female? What does s\he look like? It’s also important to create a personality. What does s\he like? What are her\his interests? What is her\his profession? The small details are really important in this step, you need to bring this persona to life!

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Social Medias publicities target people that would be interested in your post because of the options you decided to choose. You need to name your target audience’s interest, age, location and even more. The more details you have, the more chances you will get to reach the right audience. You need people that would take actions to your post, get more information about your brand and maybe even buy your products. If you choose interests that isn’t related to your business, you will reach people that will just scroll pass your publication. It’s something that you definitely don’t want. This is also valid for your location. If you choose Australia, for example, and you have a restaurant in Canada, you will reach the wrong people and your publicity will be useless. 

There is plenty of platforms to choose from when it comes to Social Media marketing. It might even be hard to choose from all of those options because most of them have a lot of similarities. That is why you need to choose the right platform. You need to make sure that your target audience is present on the platform that you want to use. There are a few questions that you can ask yourself to find the responses you need. Does my target audience watch long videos on YouTube or short ones on TikTok? Does my target audience prefer looking at pictures on Instagram or stories on Snapchat? Does my target audience like to read small publications on Twitter or longer ones on Facebook? You need to find questions that match every social media you might want to promote your business on. After that, you just need to make sure that the responses you get, corresponds to your target audience.

Be Unique

So many brands are promoting their businesses online and most of them promote the same way as their competitors. The key to have a successful ad is to be unique. Create content that hasn’t been done. Make your business stand out because we all know that the publicities, we remember are the ones that are either weird or out of the ordinary. You will most likely not remember the publication that is identical to all the ones you’ve already seen on your feed. We, as humans, like change, things that are different and things that we have never seen before.

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Not only do you need to create unique content, but you also need to make sure that the quality is great. If you choose a picture, make sure that it isn’t blurry not only on a small screen but also on a big one. Remember that some people might look at it on their phones but others might look at it on their computers. If it is a video, you need to make sure that the sound is great, the information said in this video is interesting for the audience and the visual is appealing for the eye. You can’t rush the content. You need to make sure that every little detail represents perfectly your brand. If you decide to rush it, people might see your brand as unprofessional and maybe even think it is fake. I’m pretty sure you don’t want a bad reputation from the beginning.

Be Active

You need to make sure that your brand has already some publications before paying for any ads. Think about it, if you see a publicity on Instagram and you go on their profile and they don’t have any other publications, you might think that it isn’t a real brand. Your ads don’t have any credibility if your business account is totally new. Publish some brand related content and don’t forget to ask questions as well so that people have something to say in your comment sections. 

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Yes, having more followers on your account is great. You just need to make sure that your audience is interested in your post. Make sure they participate in the conversation, like and share your post. Social medias platforms don’t show your post to all of your followers anymore. To make sure that people will see your post, you need to have lots of likes and comments. The more people react to a post, the more Instagram or Facebook, for example, will show your post to their viewers. At the end of the day, followers aren’t worth it if they are not active on your account.

The Reasons Why You Should Choose Facebook

First of all, Facebook ads help you reach new people all over the platform, generate leads and can help you get more sales in a shorter amount of time. It’s great because you’re able to target the right audience with detailed options. It looks pretty similar to the Instagram ad options because both of them are owned by Facebook.

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You’re able to choose the location you want to reach, your audience interests and even more. If you choose the right target audience, with the right interests, you’ll be able to reach people that might take action. They might follow you, comment on your post and might even buy products on your website. 

The Reasons Why You Should Choose Instagram

First of all, Instagram has been growing a lot in the past few years. Users are most likely to spend around 50 minutes a day on Instagram, Facebook and messenger. It’s a good opportunity because to reach people, you want to be able to talk to them on a regular basis. As I mentioned earlier, followers aren’t worth it if they don’t engage with your business. The more your target audience see your post or your business on their feed, the more chances you have to get new followers or even purchases. 

Instagram’s ads are really interesting because they give brands the opportunity to create ads even with a very low budget. I tried to create an ad to show you the budget options. If you pay 2$ daily for 30 days, which is the cheapest options, it will cost your brand 60$ only for the month. With that price, you would get between 5.2k and 14k views on your post. If you want to pay a little more daily (10$), it will cost you 300$ a month and you would get between 26k and 68k of views. Finally, if you have the budget to pay 25$ daily for 750$ for a month, you will get between 65k and 170k views. Your brand also has the option to pay even more if you have the budget for that. One thing that is also great about Instagram ads is that you can choose how many days you want your post to be seen. You don’t need to pay for 30 days but it is strongly recommended. 

Budget & Duration on Instagram by Audrey-Ann Grenier


The platform also consists mostly of pictures and videos. This is a plus because viewers are most likely to remember your ads because it is visual. I searched online and 65% of the population is visual to be exact (Mind Tools, 1998). Be honest with yourself, do you remember more the written ads that you have seen in the past or the ones with pictures and\or videos? I remember last year I was watching my favorite show on my TV and this really weird ad about the brand Poppers kept playing each week. People on Facebook kept talking about this publicity and even made memes out of it. Viewers are most likely to remember weird or unique ads as well so you might take that in consideration.

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, you also have the option to connect your Instagram ads to your Facebook ads. This option makes your life easier and you don’t need to go look on 5 different platforms for your statistics.

Social Media’s ads are in facts, worth it. You just need to make sure that you choose the right audience to target the right viewers. It’s important to also remember that even if you have thousands of viewers on your publicity, if they don’t engage with the post or your brand, it is not worth it. 

Would you choose Social Media ads over any other marketing strategies?

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