Com0015 – Post 4 – Out of the Box

What truly amaze me are the multiple applications that can be downloaded by smartphone users that have nothing to do with calling. In fact, according to Pew Internet Research, nearly four in ten users do not use the calling feature on their mobiles. For example, sending text messages, reading emails, setting an alarm clock are more popular than calling.

Taking pictures with smartphones has also changed the way we interact with people and has propelled the success of Instagram, allowing more people to view the world through imagery than texts. The GPS functionality on smartphones allows location specific interactions with information and people. Google alerts from calendars keep us on schedule. And there are lots more……

Below are some of the interesting apps that have proven to be very trendy with smartphone users. Their popularity could be due to the convenience they provide when dealing with normal day-to-day life activities.

  • Google Maps has changed the way we travel around in unfamiliar settings. They help us find locations, or provide directions and other location-based information. It has helped me find my way back to the cottage when we were lost this spring in the woods.
  • Google’s Earth-viewing app lets you look at cities in street view in one second, zoom out and then see the whole country.
  • Google Search lets you surf the Internet almost anywhere where there is a connection and with GPS functionality prioritizing suggested sites nearest you.
  • Making banking transactions has never been so easy.
  • Accessing your files across all your devices is now automated.
  • Reading Kindle e-books while waiting to see a dentist.
  • Poweramp lets you listen to music while Audible for Androids lets you listen to books.
  • Changing television channels or the temperature at home with a click of a button or
  • Scanning a barcode to obtain competitive pricing in a store nearby.

Again according to Pew Internet Research, mobile is gaining in popularity with 94% of adult Americans owning a cellphone. Google seems to believe that mobile is the future with their release this year of its Mobilegeddon algorithm update to phase out sites not optimized for mobile. It’s clear that Google is banking on desktop traffic fading away, meaning the smart money rests on mobile-focused on-line marketing.

Continuing this trend is the popularity of wearable technology. Apple watch was unveiled this year and most expect to see more trendy wearable devices next year. The trick will be to make these devices fashionable enough so more people will be interested in owning them.

What does all this mean for on-line marketing and social media? It means an opportunity to reach a huge audience “hooked” on their smartphones…it means an opportunity to instantly share materials and ideas…and it means an opportunity to simultaneously share an experience with several people at once…

But most importantly, it means that if you do not have a mobile strategy guiding your marketing or social media plans, you will be rapidly “tuned” out.