COM0011-521: Enhancing Personal Brand – Effective Content?

OBJECTIVE:         To promote my personal brand.

FOLLOWERS:      Business Development, Sales, Marketing professionals, Employers

Often misunBD1derstood, Business Development (BD) is about the process of discovering new business opportunities. It is sometimes labeled as Sales and quite often called Marketing. The three functions are quite different yet overlap. More appropriately, they interact.

BD professionals are busy, largely driven to be successful by incentives, typically money in the form of a variable compensation component in addition to a fixed amount as a base salary. Success is measured by the level of new  business opportunities the BD professional introduces to the employer. Motivated by the desire to maximize the variable component, not to mention retain their job, BD professionals are governed by, and are constantly trying to meet or exceed, quotas or revenue goals. Hence the term “busy”.

Being like-minded and having excelled as a BD professional throughout my career, the most effective content must conform to the following criteria:

  • Relevant – it must relate to the BD profession;
  • Insightful – content should be new to followers; it could be information on a topic one or more followers have requested;
  • Valuable – should be of value such that followers are able to utilize this new knowledge in their day-to-day environment going forward;
  • Concise – brief and convenient; provide just enough relevant content of value to permit followers to decide if it’s worth clicking the “MORE” button or be redirected to additional detail;
  • Credible – content must be current or future-oriented and demonstrate brand expertise so it will be perceived as credible.

Examples of content that I consider most important to my objective include, but are not limited to, the following:

Business Strategies – what BD approaches works and what don’t; examples, case studies;

Relationship Building Tips – people always struggle with how to establish (connect), nurture and leverage relationships.  Support in this area is fundamental;

Effective Networking – another area where people are challenged.  For example, how to join a group of people huddled around a coffee station at an event; or, how to disengage from someone (politely) when he\she won’t stop talking;

Events List – a listing of current/future events pertinent to BD professionals – events they may wish to attend for networking and lead generation or simple enhance relationships;

Jobs Forum – open opportunities and discussions of; employers who utilize BD professionals and those who are considering BD professionals; compensation options and discussions;

Professional Development – opportunities for improvement, including webinars, conferences, and other appropriate venues; community involvement opportunities, e.g. Board Directors.

In the not too distant future, this group may evolve to offer business services such as the following for example:

• Acquisition & Sales – We find prospects and get sales contracts
• Business Development – We discover new business & close deals
• Connecting the dots – We connect you to others and arrange contracts
• Commercial Strategy – We assist with any commercial challenge

While there may be other content of value to this community, the content mentioned above is very effective to building my brand.  I am, however, always open to comments and suggestions on how to improve on this approach.  Thoughts?