COM0011 Blog Post #6 Clean up your reputation.

Have you ever “Googled” you name? What did you discover? You may be surprised at what you find. Negative reviews, untrue comments and trolls are pushing their way up the ranks of the search engine and pushing the truth to the next page.

Have you ever thought of creating an online reputation strategy? I certainly hadn’t until reading 8 steps to clean up your reputation. This may not be something that you would need to do personally but what about for your company or organization? Taking the time to see what is being said about your company or organizations could save you time down the road trying to repair a damaged reputation.

So what do you do if you come across search results or post that could potentially damage your company or organization’s reputation? 8 steps to clean up your reputation has laid out great stepping stones to getting your reputation back on track. This process can take time and effort but you can’t run and hide. Addressing the situation is the only way to prevent irreversible damage.

All companies and organizations need to be proactive implementing best practices, policies and procedures that can be incorporated in to an overall social media strategy. With this you can build a strong online reputation. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


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