COM0014 Blog #6: There’s no such things as regrets just lessons learned!

I’ve started to believe that seeing something as a regret is the only thing to regret, and that sometimes what we call “mistakes” are simply lessons learned the hard way and a new awareness, formed into understanding the self. At least this has been my experience, and why growing up these lessons have helped me better understand.

This process started when I was young and has helped me throughout life make sense of many situations outside my own understanding. It’s also given me a yearning to try, learn and yes sometimes fail but never give up. One thing making mistakes and constantly learned has instilled in me is a sense of resiliency and that has been a tremendous part of what has helped me carry on, along with the help of my family. In fact the harder the lessons the more resilient I’ve become, determined as ever to prove myself against my own setbacks. It is these experiences that helped to shape who I am today with no regrets.

Everyday I’ve learned something new and have discovered something new about myself or the situation to understand better. It’s also helped make my own story interesting contributed to my growth and given me insights that dwelling on these experiences might not have allowed me to do. All those speed bumps and detours may have temporarily been regrets but now as I look back they’ve become lessons, interesting stories, wisdom and proof that I’ve tried many times, all contributing to my story and the message I want to share.