COM0014 – Blog Post #7 – Reflections

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Communication is all about reaching your audience. It starts with listening and evolves into finding your voice and how you want to tell your story. Storytelling is a method of communication that dates all the way back to primitive times. Storytelling is an art. It keeps evolving over the years to include technology, and better ways to tell a story. With the age of the internet, it takes communication, and storytelling, to a whole new level.

Storytelling is universal. It is a clear method of communication that is easy for anyone to understand. For this reason, storytelling should be the basis of any on line communication. Your blog, your Facebook post, and your personal website should all tell a story. Without a story, your content becomes boring and flat. It is unlikely to strike a connection with your reader.

I am an author. I want to tell great stories that captivate and entertain my readers. What I have learned in this course is that everything I write needs to be in the same way. Every time I write a blog post, Facebook post, or Instagram post, I am telling a story. I am communicating who I am, and what I am all about. Communicating with my own authentic voice in a way that captivates my reader is the ultimate goal for me

COM0014 Digital Communication – Personal Branding

What sets me apart from my competitors?

Personal branding has become muddled with others trying to copy others style, personality traits and views. In this climate, differentiating yourself is more difficult than ever and that is why I believe I possess certain characteristics and qualities that set me apart from most. In general, I do not buy into designer clothing and often wear clothes with no logo. Too often we are seeing people wear the same logo as what is currently popular and this in turn makes them blend in instead of stand out. Another characteristics that sets me apart from my competitors is my authenticity. Whether it be expressing political views, stating my point of view on a project at work or having an argument with friends, my authenticity sets me apart and earns me respect ultimately. Further, I believe that one of my best qualities that enhances my personal branding and sets me apart from competitors is my ability to use humour online. On Twitter I often receive praise for my wittiness and ability to think on the spot using humour. This helps create your unique identity online and creates a sense of uniqueness when branding yourself on social media.

Stand Out at whatever cost

What have you done lately to stand out?

When reflecting on things I’ve done lately to stand out, what seems to resonate most is my confidence at work wearing a suit. Given I work in an executive office filled with senior managers, I tend to feel left out being a younger looking student. I decided to invest in a nice, reasonably priced navy suit and brown dress shoes to match. This earned me lots of compliments and made my confidence skyrocket. As many say, “Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want”. This was a bold move and quite a drastic shift in attire when compared with my usual sweaters and dress shirts, however it has warranted a better sense of personal branding and was well worth the money.

The Legend Himself

What would your colleagues say is your best trait?

After contemplating this question for several minutes, I believe that what sets me apart from others and is valued by my colleagues is my ability to analyze effectively. My manager often runs presentations by me first as well as briefing notes, and I am able to quickly see errors whether it be typos, structure or anything that might be perceived negatively. Analytical skills and attention to detail are such valuable traits to possess in the workforce and for this reason I believe they would value this trait most about me.


COM0014-Blog #2: Coming to Terms with The Inverted Triangle Approach

It makes sense that The Inverted Triangle Approach is the best way to organize and write your content, act as a method to ensure that future readers can easily find what they are looking for online and us as creators don’t ramble on halfway through forgetting what we wanted to say messing up the intended message. It also makes a lot of sense in the online world where every content creator is in a rush to get their latest post or video out in order to keep up with everyone else and sometimes where content quality is over-ruled by the quantity put out there.

As a blogger I have experienced this myself and am aware that there will always be that pressure to generate content or alternatively keeping up with others shortened attentions spans. As a writer I believe that writing clearly and concisely is equally important because even with the fanciest vernacular and messages we believe to be clear and concise for us; they can easily get lost, misunderstood, or forgotten amongst the content’s clutter. Which that isn’t the point of writing in the first place. To me, the point is in sharing our experiences, messages, connecting with others, communicating ideas clearly and sharing them so that others can understand or learn from what we write. With that being said, maybe The Inverted Triangle Approach isn’t so bad after all. In fact, it’s a pretty neat way to be mindful  of how we write and not that far off from my own version of it which is: Keep It Simple Kylie.