COM0014- Blog #4 – B2C Case Study Dove

According to Dove, their brand is rooted in listening to women. In 2011 Dove conducted their largest global study and discovered that only 4% of women consider themselves beautiful. Dove went on to create a campaign entitled “Real Beauty” using emotion to connect with their target audience: women. They are delivering powerful emotional messages in the hopes of creating a sense of understanding and trust with their consumers. They are frequently referred to as a genius for marketing their brand so successfully.

Dove’s Facebook group is very active; they post frequently and engage in conversation with their followers. Their Twitter account is not as active but their YouTube channel definitely makes up for it. They post many videos and their United States channel has over 92 million views. The viral videos are shared across all social platforms including Google +, Twitter, Facebook and Linked IN.

Focusing solely on their viral video, “Real Beauty Sketches”, Dove currently has over 62 million YouTube views. The video is of a FBI trained sketch artist who first draws a woman as she describes herself and then secondly draws the same woman as described by a stranger. The results concluded that women are too critical of their appearances. According to Business Insider – “in the first two weeks it attracted an incredible 3.17 million shares, that’s more than any other ad has managed in the same period.”

Dove’s social media approach is definitely working. They are creating positive conversation amongst their social followers and at the same time positioning their brand. I know that when I see Dove products I appreciate all they are doing to help women boost their self-esteem and I will purchase their products to support this.