COM0014 – Blog Post #5 – Personal Brand

Some of the personal qualities and characteristics that set me apart from my competitors include the ability to work alone or to collaborate with others in a team environment. Through my personable, friendly nature I am able to successfully develop and grow relationships with internal and external clients. Honesty and sincerity are an important part of who I am and what I expect from others.

My capacity to manage projects is as the result of my dependability, reliability and organizational skills.  Through insight and resourcefulness I am able to solve problems.

Lately, I have made myself standout by taking on the challenges of a new role with keen interest, including successfully managing a high profile project with only a short tenure in my position.

My colleagues would say that my best traits are the sincere and personable way that I communicate with clients.

I am most proud of the choices I have made to continue my education, which has broadened my range of interests and helped to make me resilient in the face of changing economic times. Additionally, I am very proud of the opportunity to meet with clients to learn about their business plans, and to provide direction and resources that they can use to position themselves towards success.