COMM0015: Blog Post 3: Professional Networking now and in the future

As a result of several commitments in my personal life, my strategies for actively developing my professional networks have all gone dormant in the past six months.  I am still accepting requests for LinkedIn but I have not been updating my social media profiles or seeking out new contacts.  Offline, I officially stepped down from my position with my professional association board of directors in July of this year and, with the exception of writing a short article for the association in October, I have not attended any meetings or events.

As things are settling down in my personal life, I plan to revitalize my professional activities and networking efforts.  Starting in February, 2014 until December 2014, I intend to increase my professional networking in the following ways.



  • Update my profile to accurately reflect my current employment and interests
  •  Actively seek key contacts in my field and add them to my LinkIn profile.
  • Become engaged with the online conversations taking place among some of my colleagues regarding new issues and challenges in our field


  • Engage in more conversations on Twitter
  • Increase the number of people I follow who work in my professional field

In Person

  • Re-engage with my professional association as a volunteer to support them in the following ways:
  • Developing their first social media strategy
  • Organize volunteers to build and maintain their social media presence
  • Supporting them in planning the spring AGM, including an updated registration process
  • Supporting the membership sub-committee in planning several networking meet and greet events during 2014